Home Goods and Accessories Handmade from Recycled Fabric Books.

Cardinal House is inspired by my grandmother, Edie. She was something like the craft mafia boss of the family! Edie ran her own business, Lienhart Dollhouse, for decades down in Florida. I grew up touring the Southeast working arts & craft shows, visiting the wholesale showrooms and learning how to make my own creations with her.

The shop is currently a hodge-podge of items.
CHARM JEWELRY: I've been making the charm jewelry for years, and I'm constantly asked about where I got my jewelry...so I keep on making them!
CROSS STITCH ITEMS: Now the cross stitch keychains and necklaces are new. Those started out as gifts for friends and family last Christmas and were a HUGE hit. I started getting requests and now I design them for machine embroidery because my hands would hurt waaaaay too much! However, I actually enjoy small cross stitch work and will offer some that are still hand stitched from time to time.
PATTERN BOOKLETS & LEAFLETS: My aunt was a distributor for the publishers, like Annie's Attic, back in the late 90's until the early 2000's. She has thousands and thousands of pattern books just collecting dust as she's gotten out of the business. So, I'm helping her (and my uncle!) by selling them. Not sure that I'll ever get them all listed so, please!, contact me if you're looking for something specific. I'm happy to help if I can!
-Note: I will not scan copies of the pattern books. It's illegal, period.

Thank you!
- Kat.