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{vintage} beads.
When it comes to using the term vintage, I'm a real stickler. I always want to know how someone knows that it's vintage or antique. How did the supplier acquire it, etc. Now, I hold Cardinal House up to this expectation too. Any item listed as using vintage beads will be linked up to this page.

So how do I know? Any vintage beads [or buttons] used in Cardinal House jewelry originally came from my grandmother's business, Lienhart Dollhouse. My grandfather & her literally bought out smaller supply stores. She had at least 3 separate buildings [& a school bus!] used to store her craft supplies. And I helped her out with all of it beginning as a small girl. So I know, because these beads are older than I am!

And many of the beads were even considered vintage by the time I started helping her out.
Though, admittedly, some of these beads I can still order today as the suppliers are still around, but I cross my heart when it comes to that they will no longer be listed as vintage on my site.

{reclaimed} fabrics.
Many of Cardinal House items are noted as using "reclaimed" fabrics, faux leather or faux suede. These discontinued designer fabrics are either memo pieces or are part of fabric sample books that I personally break down in my Atlanta studio. I coordinated Cardinal House's fabric reclamation program through my design contacts for companies that don't currently have one in place.

{recycled} packaging.
At Cardinal House, recycled packaging does NOT equal ugly packaging. I hand make each of the fabric hang tags using labels from the reclaimed fabric books mentioned above. And they look FABULOUS! Also, the labels that are too small to make tags are converted into fabric tape, which is used to secure each tissue-wrapped item.

All items come packaged standard in recycled-content Kraft bags*. Each package is then finished off with a reclaimed fabric strip tie and my cardinal sticker [made from recycled magazines or wallpaper, of course].
*Kraft pillow gift boxes made from recycled content are also available upon request.